September always feels like a new beginning, a fresh start to work towards the new year resolutions and goals that lost their urgency in the thick heat of summer.

Sunrise at Lumni Island


"What have you been up to Kat?"

Seattle, WA Samaná and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Lately I have found myself so full and yet so isolated. In January I deleted all my social media accounts to try to get a sense of myself without the chatter. I hoped to get away from what had become a near obsession with engaging in internet discourse. I felt that the deep human need to be seen, to be in community had been twisted into sound bites and over saturated images flying across my eyes at breakneck speed. However, I've found that instagram for better or worse was a space that I shared my thoughts and ideas.

“Oh right you’re not on insta anymore!”

I am hoping to reconnect with sharing in a different way that feels more controlled and intentional.

Welcome to my newsletter/blog/life updates space.

I will be sharing my upcoming performances, reflections, work in progress, occasional funny pictures of my dog and just general information about what’s going on with me for those who would like to do the “keeping in touch thing.”


I will be performing in Jaqulyn Buglisi’s Table of Silence. An incredibly haunting and beautiful work that remembers those lost during the 9/11 terrorist attacks and centers peace and hope as a way forward for humanity.

I am returning as a company member to Soul Dance Company for their 4th season! Very exciting things on the way and I will be updating on upcoming performances shortly.

If you’ve reached the end, thank you very much for reading.

For those that stick around, let’s keep in touch!


Katherine De La Cruz

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