As an artist I am continuing to work and create with the purpose of tackling social and political issues as well as creating work that looks inward and creates spaces for healing.

"Autumn Heat" (2019)

“Autumn Heat” explores familial ties and ideas of community as having the potential for both nurture and rejection. This work focuses on queer romance and was performed a cast of LGBTQ+ dancers. In the piece I conveyed queer love in a tender light choosing to turn away from prevalent hypersexualized depictions in the media.

The movement is sweeping and the audience is carried through loose narrative. Religious imagery is evoked then then reframed. The work oozes nostalgia. Images arise and fade away again like smoke. The audience is left longing and grasping for something like love, just out of reach.

Photography by Josh Pacheco

"En La Luz" (2020)

“En La Luz” was born out of an uncertain and depressing time. The Covid 19 Pandemic forced us into our homes and created space for both reflection and isolation. It explores themes of mental health and fortitude. The work focuses on the way light can be manipulated, shut out but eventually let in.